Have you ever prayed this prayer?

Lord, break my heart for what breaks yours.

God answered that prayer for me several years ago while I was helping a foster care warrior with her website and collateral material.

I had been naive to what my friend described as a “shattered” system, because “broken” was not a strong enough term. While fostering children was not a possibility for me, I learned about the need for court-appointed advocates. I believe God called me to this everyday, personal ministry in the world.

In this role, I use my coaching experience to support parents who have lost their children, foster parents, social workers, and of course, the children. I use my writing skills to create compelling reports for the judge to consider when making decisions that affect the children. I use my editing acumen to ensure no confusion arises because of something worded poorly or incorrect punctuation.

And perhaps most importantly, I live out the mission statement of our church:

Love God. Love People. Live like Jesus.

If you are searching for a way to love God, love people, and live like Jesus, consider becoming an advocate for children in foster care. If advocacy does not feel like a good match for your gifts, contact me. I can help you identify where God may be calling you to personal ministry in the world.

If God is leading you to a personal ministry, pray about becoming a court-appointed advocate.

The national organization is a great place to start looking for information specific to your community.